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Zhejiang Fenfei Rubber &Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Professional supplier of power transmission belts from China---Zhejiang Fenfei Rubber &Plastic Products Co., Ltd, who is in charge of promoting rubber transmission belts and high-end conveyor belts, specialized in all kinds of v-belt, automotive belt, rubber synchronous belt, double-sided arc tooth synchronous belt, multi-wedge belt, heavy-duty conveyor belt, rough top conveyor belt (grip top).

It is widely used in automotive, agriculture, coal, metallurgy, mining, engineering machinery, oil, textile and light industry, construction and cement, and other fields. We have full experience in exporting the articles bypassing the authentication of ISO9001 to Europe, America, the UK, Southeast Asia, etc. 

Professional supplier of rubber belts

FENFEI has advanced production line equipment and all kinds of test equipment. it adopts import raw and auxiliary material and manufactures all kinds of rubber belt according to ISO/DIN/RMA/SAE/JIS-K/GOST Standard, will be ordered according to customer's requirement.

Perfect testing facilities

Fenfei possesses advanced inspection machines and professional technological talents engaged in inspection of rubber conveyor belt and v-belts